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Jeremy Wood pioneered drawing with GPS to explore the expressive qualities of using his body as a geodesic pencil. His work responds to the ways in which maps can both inform and mislead us through their ability to state ideas that cannot be articulated by words alone.

Featured in The New York Times’ 2003: Year in Ideas, his personal cartographies have been exhibited in over fifty exhibitions in the UK and abroad, and is currently held in private and public collections including the London Transport Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

He has presented numerous public talks and delivered map reading/making master classes in schools and universities, which have attracted hundreds of participants of all ages.


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2016 Tupelo Quarterly The Sensation of Being Lost: A Micro-Interview

2009 The Cartographic Journal GPS Tracings- Personal Cartographies [.pdf]

2002 The New York Times Drawing (and Doodling) Countryside as Canvas