Mowing for Golf

Selected Exhibitions


2016 Le Point Commun Enclencheurs de Récits, Cran-Gevrier

2015 Outpost Gallery Checkered History, New York

2015 CCCB Sebald Variations, Barcelona

2014 Parc culturel de Rentilly Alpha Beta Carta, Paris

2013 Marseille-Provence 2013 (MP2013) Échelle 1:1 / The Fold of the Map, Istres

2013 Walk On: 40 Years of Art Walking, UK -Touring

2013 Hôtel des Arts Mappamundi, Toulon

2013 6x6/36 Paysage/Landscape Collectif Nunc / Editions Subjectile, France

2012 Sideways Festival Death of a Walk, Belgium

2012 London Transport Museum Mind the Map, London

2011 London Transport Museum Sense and the City, London

2011 The Air Gallery The Art of Mapping, London

2011 MAMA Land Art for a New Generation, Rotterdam

2011 LEA New Media Exhibition (Re)Drawing Boundaries,

2011 Berardo Museum-Foundation Mappamundi, Lisbon, Portugal

2010 Kunstenlab Sporen, Deventer

2010 UTS Gallery Graphic Material, Sydney

2010 Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Wish You Were Here, Fort Worth, Texas

2010 Tenderpixel Gallery Mowing the Lawn, London, -Solo

2010 Pace Digital Gallery Map Marking, New York

2009 NCAD Gallery Space is the Place, ISEA 2009 Dublin

2009 Iniva Off the Map, London

2008 Iniva Mapping Beyond, London

2008 Platform 21 Checking Reality, Amsterdam

2008 Z33 Place@Space, Hasselt

2007 Victoria & Albert Museum Mapping the Imagination, London

2006 Sonar / SonarMàtica Always On, Barcelona

2006 <Tag> Geograms, The Hague, -Solo

2005 Sonar / SonarMàtica Randonnée, Barcelona

2004 Kunsthalle Basel Viper, Basel

2004 Brooklyn Museum Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City, New York

2004 Location is Everything, Internet

2004 Participant Inc. Psy. Geo. Conflux, New York

2003 ABC No Rio Psycho Geography Conflux, New York

2003 The Lighthouse Common Place, Glasgow

2003 Millais Gallery Twenty Kinds of Drawing, Southampton

2002 Microwave Int. Media Art Festival Net.Art, Hong Kong

2002 Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery Holding the Line, Reno

2002 Space Station Sixty-Five Bathos, London

2002 X-Change Gallery Taking a Line for a Walk, Oxford

1998 Galerie Alpha-Jetzt Neulich, Stuttgart

1998 Rheinstahlhalle Object of Time, Stuttgart